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It is rich in beneficial substances such as calcium, potassium, vitamin C, folic acid and magnesium, substances necessary for energy production and protein synthesis, improving glycaemic control and blood pressure. As Thomas More says “Rosemary is the holy herb of remembrance and therefore of friendship”. Symbol of marital fidelity, in ancient Greece, they used to create rosemary crowns for young brides to wear, as a good omen for their future marriage. Ovid's "Metamorphoses" tells the story of the love between Leucotoe, daughter of the king of Persia, and Apollo, God of the Sun. Her father, having discovered the relationship and being powerless against a God, killed his daughter, whom the sun's rays transformed it into a shrub with an intense scent and small purple flowers, becoming a symbol of immortality.

appartamento rosmarino palazzo adele ercolano

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Deluxe Triple Room - Corallo

Size: 25 sqm
N° max. guests: 3 guests
N° max. adults: 3 adults
N° max. children: 2 children
Beds: double and single

Camera Tripla Deluxe - Ginestra

Dimensioni: 24 mq
N° max. ospiti: 3 ospiti
N° max. adulti: 3 adulti
N° max. bambini: 2 bambini
Letti: matrimoniale e singolo

Camera Quadrupla Deluxe - Vintage

Dimensioni: 43 mq
N° max. ospiti: 5 ospiti
N° max. adulti: 5 adulti
N° max. bambini: 4 bambini
2 camere con letti: 2 matrimoniali e 1 singolo

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