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A column of volcanic material rose to a height of 14 km, releasing a shower of lapilli and pumice which, carried by the wind, began to fall on Pompeii and the surrounding towns. This was the beginning of the disaster. Within a few hours, the volcano released an impressive amount of pyroclastic material that would change the landscape of the Vesuvian area forever. A place of memory that, as Amedeo Maiuri said, "should be considered as a city and not as a mine of works of art, a smaller city, different from Pompeii, but no less important, with its urban physiognomy, its civilisation and, above all, its human face".

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Deluxe Triple Room - Corallo

Size: 25 sqm
N° max. guests: 3 guests
N° max. adults: 3 adults
N° max. children: 2 children
Beds: double and single

Camera Tripla Deluxe - Ginestra

Dimensioni: 24 mq
N° max. ospiti: 3 ospiti
N° max. adulti: 3 adulti
N° max. bambini: 2 bambini
Letti: matrimoniale e singolo

Camera Quadrupla Deluxe - Vintage

Dimensioni: 43 mq
N° max. ospiti: 5 ospiti
N° max. adulti: 5 adulti
N° max. bambini: 4 bambini
2 camere con letti: 2 matrimoniali e 1 singolo

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