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In Western culture, the poppy is often associated with peace, sleep and death. This connection comes partly from Greek mythology, where the poppy was sacred to Demeter, the goddess of agriculture and harvests, and Hypnos, the god of sleep. The poppy was also a symbol of Morpheus, the god of dreams. Legend has it that the beautiful daughter of the goddess of the Earth and the god Jupiter, Proserpine, was kidnapped by Pluto while she was picking flowers in the fields. The god of the underworld wanted to make her his bride. Desperate Ceres, her mother, decided not to take care of the Earth anymore, so Jupiter, worried about the well-being of Earth's fauna, went to Pluto, with whom she managed to find a compromise. From then on, Proserpine would spend six months of the year on earth so she could be with her beloved mother. The queen then returns to the earth which is filled with red poppies, to remind her that her husband is waiting for her in the underworld. Papaver, a name used by Virgil (Egl. II, 17) and derived from the Celtic papa=gruel, alludes to a typical custom of mixing the juice of this plant with porridge to make children sleep; rhoeas, on the other hand, is a term coming from Greek where reo is equivalent to fall, an allusion to petals that fall easily. Many artists, both in music and in painting, have made poppies the stars of their successes. Like the French painter Claude Monet who in 1873 painted the beautiful painting “Le Coquelicots”, or Gustav Klimt's "Field of Poppies" (made in 1907, a time in which the artist was moving towards impressionism and at the same time incorporating traditional realist techniques into his painting). “The month of June suddenly stretched out in time, like a field of poppies.” (Pablo Neruda)

camera papavero ercolano

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Deluxe Triple Room - Corallo

Size: 25 sqm
N° max. guests: 3 guests
N° max. adults: 3 adults
N° max. children: 2 children
Beds: double and single

Camera Tripla Deluxe - Ginestra

Dimensioni: 24 mq
N° max. ospiti: 3 ospiti
N° max. adulti: 3 adulti
N° max. bambini: 2 bambini
Letti: matrimoniale e singolo

Camera Quadrupla Deluxe - Vintage

Dimensioni: 43 mq
N° max. ospiti: 5 ospiti
N° max. adulti: 5 adulti
N° max. bambini: 4 bambini
2 camere con letti: 2 matrimoniali e 1 singolo

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